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Car Window Films

With car tinting film, Dubai car owners have a cost-effective option to spruce up their vehicle. We offer some of the best car tinting deals in Dubai. With our wide array of colors and shades to choose from, it is easy to accentuate the appearance of any vehicle. We have lots of different styles to choose from, including traditional dyed, ceramic and nano-technology Car tinting film. Dubai automobile owners can pick the look that best suits their vehicle. With these options, it has never been easier to find the best car tinting solution in Dubai.

Car Paint Protection & Polishing

Your car is often subjected to hits and dents here and there. Save your car from these by protecting it with paint protection film. This transparent film creates an invisible barrier that is specifically designed to protect vehicles.

Car Wrap & Vehicle Graphics

If you are looking for a marketing strategy that is both cost-effective and wide-ranging, you might want to look into vehicle graphics. Dubai businesses can make use of vehicle graphics to create virtually unlimited exposure for their brand, service, or product at the cost of a one-time investment. With vehicle graphics, Dubai businesses can turn their company vehicles into mobile marketing units with the use of large graphics that are designed to conform to the contour of their automobiles. Through vehicle graphics, Dubai businesses can boost their potential leads by indirectly promoting their brand, product, or service through stunning visuals whenever they deploy their vehicles.

Sun Control Building Films

Your windows let in amazing natural light but they are also the source of increased heat, larger energy bills, fading of furniture, and harmful UV rays. By installing residential window films at your home allows in the natural light you love, while keeping your home protected from excessive heat and UV damage. The appearance of your home is left unchanged even when your windows receive the benefits of sun protection.

Safety & Security Films

Residential windows provide a source of beauty and natural light to residents. However, windows are generally also the least secure feature of one�s home. The clear and fragile glass not only makes residents vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, it also poses a security risk from break and enters as well as burglaries. Installing safety and security film in your home can easily protect against any accident due to natural disaster or otherwise by transforming any window to a shatterproof and break resistant surface. As an added feature, these safety and security films provide protection against the hot summer sun. Such window films are also available in a variety of colours and designs to help beautify your home further.

Decorative Film & Signage

With decorative films, you can improve the appearance of glass doors, conference rooms and windows at a considerably reduced cost as compared to using frosted or etched glass. With decorative films, you are able to maintain a certain level of privacy, while enjoying the benefits of natural lighting. If you want a change in scenery, you can just replace the film with a different design – no need to buy new windows. CPF Emirates carries the largest range of decorative films in Dubai and the region, with over 200 patterns in stock. In addition, we have a full service in-house graphic design unit enabling us to customize a design, pattern or logo to our client's requirements.

Commercial Interior Graphics

We can provide fully customizable graphics for your business to fit your specific business needs and build your brand. Our range includes various forms of graphics like wall, window and floor graphics designed with bold colours and large fonts that will attract new customers as well as make your existing customers to return. With our expertise, you can use these graphics to provide a relatively inexpensive but effective means of advertising for your business.

Car Accessories

HIGH QUALITY ANTI RUST COATING FOR CARS Metal, is often prone to corrosion which is the gradual deterioration of materials in the form of chemical reaction due to their exposure to the different elements in their environment.

Tinting Tools

CPF Emirates brings to you the  perfect window film tinting tools for installing residential, commerical or auto window tint successfully. The correct window tinting tools can make the hard job turn easy.