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Safety and security window film provides a safe and secure environment for all marine vessels such as cargo ships, oil vessels, or commercial cruise lines.

Not only does installation of these films protect occupants of the vessels from turbulent weather conditions while at sea but also provides safety in case of an unexpected pirate attack. The safety and security film can easily protect against any accident the vessel might be involved in by transforming any glass surface to a shatterproof and break resistant surface.

Clear Anti Shatter Film

  • Completely clear – ideal for bridge windows
  • Various thicknesses for varied protection levels
  • Block UV Rays by up to 99%
  • Makes breaking glass extremely difficult

Solar Anti Shatter Film

  • Blocks heat from coming into cabin
  • Adds privacy from the outside looking in
  • Reduces ultraviolet rays by 99%+
  • Excellent protection from breaking glass


Minimal damage during accidents

Safety and security window film when installed on glass greatly reduces the risk of damage to the vessel’s glass surfaces caused during any expected or unexpected turbulence or accident while at sea. This is turn will lead to a safer, more secure environment for all crew members and passengers. When struck, glass protected with safety and security window film will not break or shatter, this prevents any injury from glass shards and keeps the inside environment of the vessel patent and safe.

Protection from natural elements

Often vessels at sea face various unexpected and turbulent weather conditions. By installing safety and security window film, you and your crew members can have their minds at ease should they encounter any such natural conditions. Whether it be strong gusts of wind or rough waves, the vessel’s glass will be protected. Due to an additional heat resistant feature of these films, the film will serve a dual purpose in creating a safe and comfortable environment in the vessel.