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HIGH QUALITY ANTI RUST COATING FOR CARS Metal, is often prone to corrosion which is the gradual deterioration of materials in the form of chemical reaction due to their exposure to the different elements in their environment.

In cars, corrosion occurs when the exterior of the vehicle is exposed to an oxidant like oxygen, which is usually the primary agent of the degradation sequence. Iron oxides are formed in, on, and around the metal material and the exterior of the vehicle gradually loses its useful properties like material strength and permeability to liquids and gases.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to have anti rust coating for cars. Rust proofing your car extends the duration and lifespan of its exterior. Corrosion resistant coating protects metal materials from gradual deterioration by enveloping it and shielding it from natural elements and other environmental chemicals.

Surface finishing or treatment is necessary to achieve rust proofing. CPF Emirates takes pride in rust proofing treatment Dubai vehicle owners can count on. We use only time-tested brands when it comes to our services and we highly recommend Three Bond.

What are the benefits of rust proofing your car?

Increased Resale Value, Reduced Maintenance Costs! The resale price of a car is determined by the condition of the body of the vehicle. Using Three Bond has a remarkable impact on the preservation of your vehicle’s exterior. Ensuring that the body is free from corrosion allows you the leverage to establish maximum resale value for your vehicle, especially as it grows older.

It also allows you to cut back on your maintenance expenses. With anti-rust coating for cars, you can prevent corrosion from entering the important parts of your vehicle like electrical wiring of the vehicle thus eliminating the need for expensive and all too common electrical system repairs.