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Sun control on ships and other marine vessels

Sun control on ships and other marine vessels involves a fine balance between allowing enough natural light from the sun to enter without the harsh heat from the sun as well as its harmful UV rays. The hot overhead sun can make the atmosphere of marine vessels uncomfortable for crew members and the general public. The strong sun’s rays can also cause damage to wooden flooring and furniture. Installing specialized marine sun control film will ensure that you not only maintain a comfortable environment but also decrease costs due to sun damage. Since the film is made specifically for marine use, it is both corrosion resistant and will not interfere with normal functioning of the vessel’s communication or navigation system.


Spectrally Selective Films

  • Extremely light shades of tint
  • Excellent heat protection
  • Blocks over 99.9% of heat
  • Great for maintaining clarity

Ceramic Films

  • Nanotechnology ceramic coatings
  • Highly advanced technology
  • Blocks over 60% of heat
  • Extremely light shades of tint

Classic Films

  • Highest heat protection of over 85%
  • Reflective and dual reflective films
  • Over 99% UV protection
  • Amongst the most effective for heat


Helps you save money

Sun control film prevents heat transference to the indoor environment and acts like a barrier. This results in a naturally cooler environment with less need of air conditioning. Thus, installing sun control film will make your vessel more energy efficient and drive down costs significantly.

Helps reduce glare

 Improve the safety of your crew members and passengers by reducing glare to an almost nonexistent level with sun control film. This will improve visibility and comfort for your crew members, even in extreme conditions. 

Helps reduce UV exposure

The sun’s UV rays cause extensive damage to constantly exposed flooring, furniture and wall coverings. By installing sun control film, the sun’s harmful UV rays will be completely blocked, thereby preventing damage to interiors of the vessel.