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Everyday use causes wear and tear of the exterior of a car due to harsh conditions in Dubai.

The extreme weather conditions of Dubai often cause the exterior of a car to be subject to harsh conditions. The car is exposed to the different elements, ranging from simple bird droppings to the harsh ultra violet rays from the sun, which can reach excessively high levels during the day. The car's paint is adversely affected by the combination of all these elements. Scotchgard Car Paint Protection  shields all vehicles of Dubai car owners from all these harsh conditions.

Exterior Paint & Glass Protection

  • Deflects dirt and other contaminants
  • Preserves color of paint
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Helps maintain high level of visibility at all times
  • Quality high gloss effect

Interior Fabric & Leather Protection

  • Barrier preventing liquid absorption
  • Microscopic shield against contaminant settlement
  • Makes spills easier to remove
  • Does not cause color, odour or any other alteration

Maintenance & Care Kit

  • Restore lustre with Quick Wax
  • Preserve lustre with Quick Wax
  • Bottled formula to clean wheels
  • Prevents vehicle interior fading
  • Liquid formula supply for one year


Original Coating preserved

Scotchgard Car Paint Protection was developed with advanced scientific research on nanotechnology to develop a film structure that changes the chemical makeup of the paint surface on a microscopic level. The formulation is designed to create a protective barrier over the coating that prevents water from seeping into the paint, while also protecting it from dirt and corrosive chemicals. Dubai vehicle owners can now rest easy, knowing that the paint job on their cars will retain the same lustre and color for a long time with Scotchgard Car Paint Protection, .

Improved Visibility

The water repellent formula of Scotchgard makes it's application on windows ensure visibility at an optimum level, even during heavy rain. The formula is virtually invisible and can be applied on all the windows, including the side mirrors, and  it will not obstruct driver vision at all. This is especially beneficial for drivers who need to go on long travels under heavy downpour. Additionally, with the Scotchgard Car Paint Protection, Dubai car owners need not worry about car wash shops using high pressure streams for cleaning, because it is designed to withstand exactly the same.

Car Interior Shield

Apart from Car exteriors, the Scotchgard formula can also able to protect leather and fabric upholstery, carpets, and seats by creating a transparent shield that protects the fabric from dirt and grime. The Scotchgard formula is designed to penetrate and encapsulate the fibers of the fabric to ensure that foreign elements and contaminants do not settle permanently in between. And unlike other fabric protection formulas, this car interior formula does not alter the appearance, texture, or color of the material.